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Daniela Pasqualini- Artist Studio Session

As the world comes together to navigate through these crazy times, I wanted to highlight one of my favorite local artists as a way to soften the blow that many creatives + small businesses are experiencing as a result of the pandemic. Daniela is one of the most genuine and inspiring artists I've been privileged to work with. Inspired by observations of nature, her work embodies flora and fauna and their innate rhythms through rich color and texture.

Here is a quick snippet from her bio:

“Using strong colors and vibrant texture I express many different and powerful emotions and when one views my paintings it is meant to be not just seen but felt. I use acrylic paint with gel as this texture allows for each message that I try to convey through my paintings to jump off the canvas.  My feelings and moods will guide the mix of colors and the temperament of the paintings that I complete. The intention is to give the viewer of my artwork a unique and emotional experience allowing for a connection to be made between the artwork and their own emotions. I have always been a very passionate person and my expression of art is no different.  My art opens a window to me and each person who gets to view and share in my paintings get to see a piece of me.”

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from Daniela's in-studio session.


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