Nice to meet you! I'm glad you're here :)


My name is Katie (which you probably already knew) and I'm a senior and wedding photographer based out of Dallas, TX (I'm guessing you knew that part, too ;)).   


Now for the part you may not have known....my story:


I started my photography business when I was 12 years old. Though I had always loved taking photos, I never thought I could turn my passion into a business....especially at the point in my life where making sure I had finished my middle school math homework was supposed to be my #1 priority.


So, I was terrified. Scared about what people would think of my "little photo thing". And it took a while to establish a school/business/life balance, stop doubting myself, and grow out of my shell. But the go-getter part of myself worked countless hours answering emails, figuring out how to use photoshop, blogging, editing, website-updating....and eventually, I did.


As a young photographer, my approach to business is very different from the norm. I never started KCP to make a living...and to this day, I still never see it as "work" at all. I started my business because I love photography. I love that what I do has led me to meet new people and step out of my comfort zone. I love capturing real moments and real stories that mean so much to people. And I'd love to meet you too, so I can capture and tell your story.




Katie's favorite things

Boba tea = my form of water. Taro milk green tea with boba is my go-to order! ;)


Katie Chang is DFW-based photographer specializing in senior and wedding photography.