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Austin Wedding Photographer- Pedernales Falls Fine Art Engagement Session

Pedernales Falls Fine Art Engagement Session

Before you scroll through and admire Joy and Tyler's chemistry + killer modeling skills, take a minute to read the story about the #reallife "adventure" I went on to get to their session:)

Last weekend I went to Austin, and before I travel anywhere, I usually spend a lot of time researching and Google-satelliting locations for photo sessions. (Yes, I know I'm crazy!). After looking around for a bit, I saw photos of the gorgeous Pedernales State Park and was like, "Yep. We're going there.".

So, I mapped out a route to a specific part of the Pedernales river thinking "Look! there's a road that goes straight to the pretty part of the park! Google says I can go this I can, right?".

Spoiler alert: Google was wrong. As we were following the GPS instructions to the specific part of the river, No.1, it started raining....which is every photographer's nightmare. No.2, when we got to the final road that would take us to our destination, it was fenced off...because it was on PRIVATE PROPERTY.

So, we turned around and drove an extra 45 minutes to the right entrance.

Thank goodness I had planned an hour of downtime before the session started, because once I got to the park, I still had a little bit of extra time to scout out the location. It stopped raining, the river was gorgeous, and I was super excited....until I checked the time. The session was about to start and I hadn't heard anything from Joy or Tyler. I started panicking. I texted, called response. And then I realized:

There was NO SERVICE near the river.

So I frantically ran half a mile up the hill to the parking lot where I thought there was service to call....until I found Joy and Tyler in the car, patiently waiting for me. They got out of the car, we walked down the hill, and we managed to take some amazing photos.

I know this blog post is already super long...but can we just talk about how perfect Joy and Tyler are? Despite everything that had happened earlier in the day, I had the BEST time capturing these two's love + a few photos of the amazing Joy doing her thing!

Enioy some of my favorites!


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