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Austin Wedding Photographer- Bull Creek Fine Art Engagement Session

Bull Creek Fine Art Engagement Session Katie Chang Photography

Ahh you guys, this session was a dream! I had been eyeing this gorgeous location in Austin for weeks...and when I finally went to scout it out, it was even better than it looked on google satellite :) And can we just talk about how incredibly photogenic Christine and Cooper are? And how GORGEOUS the bouquet from J. Barrett Floral Designs is? (visit their website HERE )

Everything came together SO perfectly.... aaaaalmost even the weather. Before we started shooting, it was pouring rain....but miraculously, it stopped just as we started! We took some absolutely amazing photos around (and in!) the creek...but when we were just about finished, it started pouring again, haha! Christine and I ran up the hill from the creek getting soaked, but it was SO worth it :)

Enjoy some of my favorites!


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